Peach Blossoms


Many years ago, while spreading compost in the garden I found three peach or nectarine seeds that had split open and sprouted. Stone fruit isn’t really supposed to propagate from its seeds. Trees are supposed to be grafted (a process I don’t particularly understand) to make more trees. I carefully transplanted the seedlings into plant pots and decided to see what happened. One got eaten by a chipmunk so I covered the others to protect them and kept them in plant pots for two years until they seemed big enough to plant on their own. Now, years later, the two trees are several feet taller than me and seem happy in their home out next to the garden. They leaf out in the spring, grow a little more every summer, and hibernate each winter. This spring was the same, tiny light yellow green slender leaves emerged from all the leaf buds, growing vigorously. This spring however, the tender new leaves have companions. There are small rounded pink flower buds getting ready to open. YEY! I didn’t think they would ever flower because they grew from seeds. Even if the trees don’t fruit, the blossoms will be worth the wait!


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