Waking Up the Flower Beds


Every Spring I do spring cleaning in the yard. I do all the yard work and landscaping. My husband is happy to let me do it all because he doesn’t enjoy being outside in the heat and sun or getting muddy and bug bit. On nice days, I often will rush outside before doing anything else and then later will balk at coming inside when it gets dark. In the fall I leave everything be, all the leaves that die back stay as “mulch” until spring. I don’t even cut the grass one last time so that it has enough energy to sleep through the winter. This morning wasn’t particularly sunny or warm, but its supposed to rain the rest of the week and its not raining right now. I went to work cleaning out all the flower planters in the yard I have built over the years. Pruning last years wild growth on the bushes, pulling weeds that survived the winter, picking up all last years dead left overs, raking leaves, fluffing mulch (not buying any this year), more digging in the dirt, and examining all the little signs that plants will be green and growing soon! Several hours later a cold yet gentle rain starts to fall, so I pack the gardening tools and head inside. Looking around the yard, I see all the flower beds cleaned out and waking up. OK, Spring, we’re ready!


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