Water Drops


Morning sunshine pours down the mountains, filling the hollow with gleaming spring glory. Humidity hangs limp in the still air, dew drops covering every surface in sight. As the sun light moves slowly into the hollow, it silently touches the dew drops. Each droplet of water turns into a blinding prism, shattering and scattering the sun light into a brilliance that makes my eyes water. I am unable to look away or shield my eyes from the millions of tiny incandescent orbs of dazzling sparkling intense pure light radiating out, surrounding me in a cacophony of serendipitous rapture. For a moment, or maybe an eternity, my consciousness is all encompassed in the luminescence. I am the light, without breath or form, flying eternally throughout the cosmos. I am in all directions, everywhere at the same time; transcendence. The earth turns, the sunbeams change direction, the small rift in the space time continuum quietly fills in, the dew drops become water, and I return to myself.


Sun and Mist


Dawn in the Catskills, humid and cool. Down in the hollow there is muted morning light, the bottom of the valley in still blue shadow. Mist clings to the tree tops, lazily drifting around, tendrils gently entwined with bare branches, leaf buds ready to open. Across the way, the hillside is sumptuously crowned with a dazzling golden glowing fog where sunbeams have the Midas Touch, turning the air into a gossamer shimmery brilliant fabric, wrapping around the contours in sinuous suggestion, individual water droplets turning into microscopic golden glitter to rain down into my dazzled eyes. Sunlight and mist chasing each other through the early spring forest. Glorious laughter ringing through the trees.

Not A Cloud in The Sky


I drove home today after a leisurely morning. Day broke cold and sunny, the birds waking at dawn to serenade the sun as it thrust its way over the eastern horizon and filled the slumbering Adirondack forest with shining yellow and radiant gold sun beams, casting tall, wavering, thin blue tree shadows across the intermittently snow covered forest floor. The day warmed up quickly as I traveled south to another doctor appointment in Albany. I parked several blocks away in a free lot and walked across a college campus full of daffodils blooming and young college students full of promise and dreams. I enjoyed the sun, the heat, and (oddly enough) the noise and chaos of the city as it juxtaposed itself in my brain to the serenity and hushed secretive tones of the forest I had been in mere hours earlier. Later, at home in my own piece of tranquility in the Catskills, I found myself standing in the yard, spinning slowly surveying the sky in all directions. Not a single wispy white cloud could be seen anywhere. The sky was a crystal blue dome wondrous to behold, bright, stunning and divine in its open cerulean endlessness, infinite possibilities.

Rainbows In The Morning


I have a tiny cut crystal prism in the bedroom window. Today when the sun crested the hill behind the house, the light hit it just right to cast tiny rainbows into the bedroom through the blind. Seeing this I opened the blind so all the glorious sunlight and rainbows could pour into the room. I flicked the ribbon in hangs on sending the prism swinging and the rainbows swirling around the room. The cats were intrigued as they followed the movement of the sparkling colorful light with their eyes. Bright happy rainbows in the morning are are an exceptionally marvelous way to wake up.

Rainbows At Sunset


YEAH!!!! The sun beams once again at sunset hit the prism wind-chime hanging on the porch so that the whole living room dances with bright rainbows for a few minutes before the sun disappears behind the western hill above us. It is like something from a fantasy land to sit on the sofa and have tiny luminous rainbows swirling their radiant colors across all the surfaces in the room. When I look out toward the wind-chime the brilliant miniature rainbows flash in my eyes dazzling with pure light. It is truly a fantastic sight.

Hammock Time!


Another amazing spring like day in February. This is similar to last year when we had 80 degree weather at the end of February and then a huge amount of snow in March. But I will take this warm sunshine and enjoy it while it lasts. I moved the hammock out to the yard and spent several hours rocking, listening to a book, and knitting. Now the cast is off, knitting is a lot easier. I still have a long way to go with getting range of motion and strength back but for right now, life is good. Sitting in the sun warm bright bathes the soul, cleans out the cobwebs in your psyche, and reunites you with Mother Earth. I even took my shoes off and squished my toes around in the top layer of dead grass and melting earth. Cold, but satisfying!

Feels Like Spring


I have been battling depression this winter. Some days I win, other days, not so much. That is one of the reasons I like finding a magic moment in every day. It is the light of pure joy and happiness at the end of this dark tunnel. If I can still see the light and put maybe myself in it, even for just a moment, there is still hope. There is a reason to get out of bed in the morning! Although spending the day in your pajamas is not necessarily a bad thing as long as it was an actual choice and not just the path of least resistance. Today was a beautiful spring like day. Warm, sunny, just the right amount of breeze and clouds. Once we got home I took a lawn chair out and sat in the sun for while, then sat on a rocker on the porch for a while. I watched the sky, listened to the birds, felt the sunshine on my face, smelled the damp earth, relaxed and enjoyed just being. Outside on a day like today is the best place to be!