Kayak Camping


After work I headed over to the boat ramp on Raquette Lake, pulled the kayak off the car, unloaded the car and then managed to fit everything into the kayak. Space Goddess strikes again. It even still more or less floats! It is not a far paddle to the best lean-to on the Big Island. Last fall, my friend and I camped here as well. We were the last people to camp in the old lean-to. It got demolished and moved the day we left it. The old one was falling apart and needed a lot of love. This one is beautiful. It didn’t even get moved that far from where it was, so that it still has the best view of the lake. I set up camp, hung my hammock, got dinner cooked, eaten, and cleaned up, and had a nice campfire going before it got dark. My friend will be showing up sometime tomorrow. I came out tonight to make sure we got the lean-to for the weekend. It is also probably the most used lean-to on the lake. As the sun set behind the distant mountains on the western horizon, I sat on a big rock next to shore to watch the glorious golden glowing show. At one point movement nearby on the water caught my attention. There was a mother merganser across my field of vision with a line of three baby mergansers paddling along behind her. I couldn’t see there coloring as they were silhouetted against the bright yellow light of the setting sun, but the shape of the female merganser is unmistakable. She seemed unconcerned over my presents as she glided past her babies bobbing and dipping in the calm water. I watched them until they went out of sight around a point of land farther down the bank. What a marvelous way to end the day.


Mountain Sunset


There is something breathtaking and spectacularly dramatic about fiery mountain sunsets. The swell and peaks of the shadowed landscape so solid in their blues and purples, violently contrast with the ethereal nature of the cosmos as it erupts in vibrant glowing oranges, pinks, reds, and yellows. The sun itself silently slips out of sight leaving behind a coral and magenta afterglow that settles along the ridges and slowly, almost perceptively, fades to darkness as the stars peek out one by one. I breath in these sunsets, hold them in my lungs until they have merged with my being. I am the air on fire, dancing over the mountain tops, rushing into the valleys with glorious splendor, then calming to softly mingle in tangled loose hair trailing out over the water. I am of this world, in this world, one with this world. I am the golden sunset, spirited and unrestrained.

Evening Swimming At Thirteenth Lake


Another wonderfully hot sunny day on the River. Another long humid evening where the heat just doesn’t want to break. A bunch of grab some inner-tubes and head over to the lake. We swim out to deep water and float and lounge and sip an ice cooled beverage. I like to dive down deep to the cold water below the surface. I look back up toward the sun through the ripple green underwater world. It is all calm and surreal until the need to breathe breaks my reverie and I swim back to the daylight and the air in a cocoon of exhaled bubbles. We laugh and talk and stay out on the water until almost dark. Once the sun disappears behind the mountain the air cools off and we all get chilled in our wetness. It is a reminder that we are warm blooded and we are Alive and enjoying all life has to offer. I love Summer!

More Fireflies


Came home to mow the yard and do some laundry (and hang out with that husband person who lives here too, wink wink). So after a long hot day of yard and house work, I was relaxing on the porch. The sun had set and I was watching the sky turn from indigo to purple as the stars twinkled into existence one by one. At some point I noticed that there were small glowing orbs flashing and flying around the yard below the porch. Oh joy and gladness to see my firefly friends again. I relish getting lost in their summer magic. I sit quietly savoring the sounds, smells, and sights of a summer night. Little fireflies, thank you for your peaceful tranquility.

Candles On The Porch


I spent the day in the yard mowing and weeding. My husband got the weed whacker going so I was able to clear the path most of the way down to the creek before it ran out of gas. Talk about a sense of accomplishment. After a shower, I went back outside to sit on the porch to watch the sun set. When the mosquitoes started biting, I was inspired to light the citronella candles. Their glowing flickering flames wanted company, so all the decorative candles joined them. I sat on the porch, rocking gently, listening to crickets and frogs, watching the sky shift from light blue to dark purple as the stars appeared one by one. I breathe deeply smelling damp earth and cut grass, feeling the air cool off as darkness falls, bathed in the warm yellow glow of candle light dancing on the porch.

Hammock In The Woods


Sometimes, if the cat fur bothers me profusely, I will sleep on the porch in my camping hammock with it set up on the hammock stand. Now that our summer patio rock is set up, I think it would be nice to have a place in the woods behind the house to set it up. I spent a little time today preparing a good spot. I found two trees the perfect distance apart and cleared the brush away from them, raked the dead leaves and made a path down to the house and over to the patio rock. As it started to get dark, I hung the hammock and climbed in to watch the blue time soak into the woods. Some uncertain time later, I realized I had dozed, the moon was up over the hill spilling its silvery light between the trees. I knew I would get chilled trying to spend the night there without a sleeping bag, so I climbed out and went inside, mind and body full of peace and quiet.

Rose Breasted Grosbeak


Sitting on the porch in the evening, watching the sun sink lower in the sky, listening to the outside world wind down into the blue time. The song birds are making a last dash to the feeders before nestling into their nests for the night. I’m rocking and spacing out when a flash of red catches my eye, a red breasted grosbeak is sitting on the feeder, trying to munch seeds, black wings flapping to keep its balance on the swinging feeder. Looking down I find its mate brown and tan strips to blend into the background. As he thrashes on the swaying feeder, seeds rain down around her. She is content to peck them from the grass, while he puts on a hilarious show or flashing red black and white feathers. Eventually he find purchase and calm enough to crunch the black oil seeds open. I sit and watch them until they eat their fill and fly away into the twilight. Another sure sign of Spring being finally here to stay, now that the grosbeaks are back!