Watching It Snow Again


Fist thing I see when I wake up this morning is snow. Again. More new snow, on top of old snow glittering in the pale morning sunlight. Falling gently through the air, dancing on soft breezes, frozen and perfect in its crystalline form. I lay in bed, warm under a feather comforter, petting a purring cat. The snow looks as fluffy and soft as this fur I run my fingers through. I let my mind wander outside into the winter wonderland, thinking of all the fun things I cold do outside in the snow. That, however would require getting up out of this warm bed and leaving this warm house, and the cats really want me to just stay where I am. They tell me to enjoy the spring snow falling from the comfort of the blanket nest. So I watch and dream as the snow falls and time passes.


Watching It Snow


Fist thing I see when I wake up this morning is snow. It has snowed again and everything I can see out the bedroom window is a white winter wonderland with more snow falling. Ugh, I say to myself and curl up around a cat, snuggle deeper into the warm cozy blankets. As I continue to watch the snow fall, my mind calms and I consider how pretty the fluffy white snow flakes are as they dance through the air gently and silently. How many flakes does it take to cover the ground, branches, and trees? How many rain drops are in a thunderstorm? Where are all the returning birds hiding while this snow falls around them? How much will accumulate? There is something unique and special about the way a snow flake catches the light as it falls, shimmery and glimmery in the weak slanted morning sunlight. Falling snow is peaceful, I relax into it and watch it fall for a long time.

More Snow


So, we woke up this morning to more snow! It had just started falling and was slowly and silently covering the landscape in another frosty white blanket. I lay in bed and watched it snowing for a long time, feeling warm and drowsy, curled up with feline friends, snuggled deep beneath the down quilt. I watched the ground turn sparkling white as the snow softly collected. I watched the flakes fall gently through the still air coating bare branches. Although I am ready for spring and the idea of more snow seems dreary, I let myself melt into the grey and white snowy spectacle outside, let the calm peacefulness seep into my body as the frozen world gradually turned back into a winter wonderland.

Snow Covered Trees


We awake this morning to a white world, winter wonderland is still surrounding us. I lay in snugly bed curled around a couple of cats, luxuriating in the warm blankets, gazing out the window at the snow. I do not even want to get out of bed this morning and feel sorry for all the cold little birds. The cats are content to stay in bed with me . Much later I do pull myself up and drag myself out of bed, only to snuggle into a heavy long fleece robe and go downstairs to curl up on the sofa where I stare out the window some more at the snow covered day. Muted sunlight filters through the snow and heavy grey clouds and I watch as wind whips snow flakes up into furious dust devils that blow themselves out a few seconds later. This snow is wet, heavy, and sticky. I notice how it has clung to the evergreen bows, through the wind, pure white against a green so dark it’s almost black. I peer into the deep dark snow covered winter hemlock trees outside the window. It’s a dreamworld that fairy tales come from. I can imagine and Ice Queen with her magic freezing wand who is fiercely fighting to keep her dominance over the Sun Lord who is still weak and trembling from his long imprisonment. But the Sun has slowly returned and Winter will eventually fade away, although Spring seems a distant memory as I watch the covers trees through the window. There is much beauty to behold in the changing seasons.



Yes, it is snowing! Crystalline fluffy white flakes drifting silently down to blanket the earth turning the dark and grey landscape into a mystical sparkling winter wonderland. I sit on the sofa, my left arm with its hot pink cast propped up on pillows and watch snow sift down through the evergreen bows as a chilly breeze stirs the branches. I would love to go snowshoeing! I could do it, but I am terrified of slipping, falling, and re-injuring my wrist. I do not like being afraid of doing things I like doing, but at the same time, I would hate myself if I fell again. I also know that as this bone heals, I will loose this fear of falling and start living my life again. Maybe being overly cautious isn’t a bad thing right now, especially if it keeps me from hurting myself while I am still healing. Ugh! I had being this sedentary as well. Can we say stir crazy cabin fever? Yes, I know I could easily and safely use the treadmill to get some exercise. I have walked a little on it and used the exercise bike as well, but that has been to work off anxious adrenaline. Between the radiation treatments, the broken bone, and depending on my husband for everything, the nervous anxiety has been niggling at the edges. Moderate walking or riding for 10 to 15 minutes staves off a full blown panic attack. However, because I can not wash under the cast, I do NOT in any way shape or form want to get hot and sweaty. This stupid cast comes off in a couple of days and then I will be able to take a real shower!!!! So for now, I will snuggle with a couple of cats curled in front of the fire and watch the crystalline white fluffy snow flakes drift silently down and let my mind wander into the mystical sparkling winter wonderland.

Cardinals On The Feeder


Another grey snowy cold day. I fill the bird feeders; the Chick-a-Dees are on it before I finish and walk away. The always appreciate fresh bird seed! Later inside, I glance out the window while coming down the stairs as see a magnificent bright red male Cardinal swinging on the feeder, eating his fill. I love watching the Cardinals, their color a joyful contrast to all the grey. I try to take some pictures through the window, but they don’t come out they way I want so I give up and just stand in the window petting a cat and watching the bird show with delight. The female eventually shows herself as well, the Chick-a-Dees, and Juncos swarm around, flitting and twittering. I stand and watch until something spooks them and all the birds fly away, scattering in a zillion directions, disappearing into the bare tree branches. My paternal grandmother loved the Cardinals too, and I think I understand, my heart reaching through time, space, and memory.

Snow On The Mountaintop


Driving over the crest of a tall hill, the road drops steeply down and out of sight around a curve, a vista opens out across the valley, winter sunlight streams from a crystal blue sky, bare trees look black against the snow covered ground, their long thin grey shadows slanting across the forest floor. The horizon is dominated by a mountain ridge across the way, half way up there is a snow line, it reminds me of seeing snow line up high on summer trips through the Rockies in Colorado and of how snow line would oscillate up and down the distant peaks the winter I spent in Portland, Oregon all those years ago. Reminiscing startles to a halt when science kicks in, how can I see a snow line when there is snow at my present elevation? I take a more scrutinizing look at the mountain ridge and realize that I am looking at probably a frost line or frozen precipitation line of some sort. Although there is snow cover all the way down in the valley floor, the trees up top are covered in a frozen layer that is gleaming white in the slanting winter sunshine. The trees below that elevation do not have a coating of ice or frost, so they are dark and black against the ground. Above there, all the branches are coated in a frosty icing, blending into the snow covered ground giving the illusion of a snow line. A visual representation of the temperature gradient as elevation changes! Mother Nature is freaking awesome!