Oh YES! After being in Super Go mode for so long, it is wonderful to just ssssllllleeeeeeeeeeeeep! Climbed into bed early and actually slept through the night, and got up lazy late. Oh joy, oh rapture! Sleep is an elixir sent us from the gods and goddesses to calm the beast within. It is the lullaby that tranquilizes our raging spirit, pacifies the speeding thoughts, and revitalizes our body, mind, and soul. Sometimes sleep is the most wondrous adventure to be had.


Rainy Day


So the sky dawned overcast, drizzly, and grey. I stayed snuggled under the blankets in the tent listening to water drip onto the tarp and watching it drip from the trees for an hour or so before actually getting up and out of bed. Then I only got up because I had to pee. That was a cold and wet endeavor. And then I climbed right back under the cozy blankets. I read for a while and daydreamed, but finally hunger drove me out of my snugly cocoon and down the hill to find food. It may be a rainy day, but the water is just dripping not really raining. It isn’t the kind of rain that brings the river up, but it is the gentle kind of rain that gives everything a needed drink. After bumming around for a while, I decided to go for a rainy day paddle out on 13th lake. I had the whole lake to myself. The mountains were obscured in the swirling misty low clouds and the sky and lake reflected each other’s steely grey demeanor. The air wasn’t too cool once I was paddling and I was comfortable wearing just a bathing suit, but of course I have paddle clothes with me in a dry bag as well as munchy food which I munched on while I explored the shoreline. I took a couple of hours to slowly paddle around the whole lake, looking a flowers, insects, and birds. All in all is was an excellent way to spend a rainy day.

Cats Love Feet


Early morning. The sun is up but I am still in bead drowsing, watching the light and shadows dance outside the window. I roll over intending to do back to sleep when my blanket covered feet are suddenly attacked. Looking down I see a large wild eyed tabby cat with all claws extended furiously grappling with a foot shaped monster under the blanket. I poke my other foot up nearby wiggling it enticingly scratching the blankets with my toenails. The cat launches himself straight up and lands squarely on the new threat with all four feet claws and teeth. I then jiggle the forgotten foot and a Little Black cat jumps onto the bed to help Tiger Cat defeat the menace under the covers. After a few minutes I am laughing and the cats are running around like lunatics. No more sleep this morning, because cats love feet.

Max Under The Covers

10-19-2017 Magic Moment:

Old Man Max Cat has my husband up early every morning. Sometimes I get up with them, other times I stay in bed, curled cozy warm under the down comforter. All the cats get up with Max and run around the house like lunatics (we call them lunacats). Although, if I stay in bed long enough, sometimes one or more cats will come join me in a comfortable cushion of cuddly contentedness. This morning Max came back. Apparently he was trying to help my husband type so he got unceremoniously dismissed from the home office. Old Man Max Cat gingerly jumped up on the bed, back legs scrabbling to get his body all the way up. He isn’t as spry as he used to be so I help him. He then sticks his cold wet nose into the crook of my neck and paws at the top of the blankets. I roll over to get away from that persistent cold wet nose. He walk around to stand in front of my face and howls. He’s deaf now and has no voice modulation. I look him in the eyes and he stares back as if to say “You know what I want. I’m going to win, so you should just give me what I want!”. So I lift the cover and he crawls under, brushing my face with his long furry tail. He executes an about face somewhere near my belly, all silky soft fur. Then creeps up so just his head is out in the air, purring loudly, whiskers tickling my cheeks. I roll so my arm is around him but but supported by the bed so as to not crush him. Completely content, we both drift off to slumber land.