Oh YES! After being in Super Go mode for so long, it is wonderful to just ssssllllleeeeeeeeeeeeep! Climbed into bed early and actually slept through the night, and got up lazy late. Oh joy, oh rapture! Sleep is an elixir sent us from the gods and goddesses to calm the beast within. It is the lullaby that tranquilizes our raging spirit, pacifies the speeding thoughts, and revitalizes our body, mind, and soul. Sometimes sleep is the most wondrous adventure to be had.




Medical saga continued: I had to go in for a biopsy today. Let’s just say it was a nightmarish experience compounded by the biggest anxiety attack I’ve had in over a year. I finally broke down and took an anti-anxiety pill (the doctor was threatening to not do the procedure because I was so upset), so by the end, I was relaxed and thankful it was over. So glad my amazingly patient husband was there, because I didn’t really remember anything they told me. When I got home, I slept, most of the day and then all through the night. A beautiful, complete, deep, healing sleep. I haven’t gotten much of that in the last few days (or in fact all summer really). Sometimes sleep is the absolute best medicine ever!