Cat Chasing Her Tail


Our Little Black Cat has a friendly and cheery and disposition. She is the first cat to greet people at the door and will play with everybody who visits. One of the cutest things she does is chase her tail. We have a cat scratching post with a covered cubbyhole on top that all the cats enjoy sitting on, and playing king of the mountain. When Shadow Cat get up there it is usually for attention. The scratching post is conveniently placed for maximum exposure to humans moving around the house. If you leave her up there long enough without interacting with her she finds ways to amuse herself. As she bends over to rub her head on the rough material she catches sight of a tantalizing fuzzy black thing waving around behind her. She turns to follow it and it moves away. She turns faster to grab it as it slides just out of reach. She ends up spinning circles on top of the cat scratcher with her hind claws dug in for balance and her front paws frantically swiping at her swishing tail. Eventually she catches the free end and bites it! Then she gives her tails a few consoling licks and sees it flash by on the other side and she is off in circles again. It is the craziest thing to watch and makes me laugh every time.


Chasing Cat Fur


I know that I’m biased, but I do believe that my cats are the cutest cats in the world, especially when they do exceedingly cute things. With four cats in the house we do have a lot of extra loose fur floating around that gets everywhere. It collects in corners, under furniture, behind the appliances where it grows into monstrous killer dust bunnies with teeth. It sticks to the rugs and sofa cushions. We vacuum, sweep, and dust, but our little fur factories churn it out faster than we can get rid of it. This time of year is particularly fur filled as they are shedding their heavy winter coats to be cooler during the hottest summer months. So this morning as I was waking up, I realized I was seeing individual cat hairs floating on hidden air currents glinting shimmery silver as they passed through an early morning sunbeam pouring through the window. Very pretty in that sleepy kind of way everything seems just fine when your brain isn’t completely awake yet. Sitting up sent more hairs jetting through the sunbeam so I decided to brush the cat who was still in bed with me. She loves a good brushing and was reveling in the attention; flopping over, rolling back and forth, purring maniacally. She was enjoying it so much I started using two hands; brush down her back with one hand then swipe down her back with the other. Of course the swiping hand sent globs of fur into the air as my hand whipped off the tip of her tail. These loosely packs fur piles languidly floats for a moment before delicately descending to the floor. I sent another fluffy fur ball flying over the foot of the bed and as it started drifting out of sight, a tiny black paw quickly reached up and batted at it. As the claws connected, all the hairs dispersed, floating their separate ways. Curious, I flung another fluffy fur ball and again a small black paw jabbed at it over the end of the bed. I started sending more small fur piles gliding in her direction. Little Black Cat went wild, prancing up on her hind legs, jumping around, and swinging her paws at all the fur balls wafting through the air. I got laughing so hard my eyes watered! What an amusing way to wake up in the morning.

Black Cat Helping With A Puzzle


We have a Little Black Cat, also called Shadow because when she first showed up in the yard (before we adopted her and brought her inside), she would follow me around like a shadow, even if I was mowing the lawn. Shadow Cat has been inside with us for a couple of years now, and is fairly content with her new family feline and human. She loves attention, and will bat at your hand if you don’t pet her when you walk by her perch. I have a table set up in the living room where I am working on a 1,000 piece puzzle. Well Shadow decided to help me today. She jumped up prancing around on the piles of group pieces. Pawed at them, knocked some off the table, jumped down and batted them across the living room. After I retrieved and returned them, she jumped up on the the puzzle for another try. After several attempts of removing her, she jumped and slid on loose puzzle pieces dumping a bunch in my lap. This may sound aggravating, but the humor of it had me laughing while I chased after a small cat chasing puzzle pieces around the room. Eventually, all got back to normal, where this Little Black Cat took another try at puzzle helping. I scooped her up and snuggled her down in my lap where she decided was a better place to be and promptly fell asleep curled up and purring.