Two Cats On A String

12-1-2017 Magic Moment:

A string appeared in the kitchen, more like a cord, the kind of pull rope used for holding up sweatpants or closing the opening of a hoodie. I do not know what garment it came from, or how long it has been floating around the house. It’s frayed on both ends producing a particularly enticing toy for cats. I picked it up to swing invitingly and caught the attention of several cats. After playing for a while, enjoying their antics, one cat continued to jump and bat at it with full enthusiasm. I had some other things to do so I dropped the string to let her have it all to herself. A few minutes later I heard scampering sounds, thudathudathudathudathudathud. Turning, I saw two cats, one on each end, completely engrossed in attacking the rope. Each ones assault moved the cord in jerking movements inviting another barrage of claws and teeth. I laughed out loud at their game. They kept at it for many long minutes, being cats, loving life.


Hula Hoop Tricks


Hanging out in Thurman with other guides, waiting for people to come rent canoes, kayaks, and inner-tubes. The wet, rainy, cool summer has kept people off them water, but we are still having fun. One guide brought her hula hoops and she is (trying to) teach me some tricks. She is amazing when she gets going, she dances with the hoops like they are part of her. It is mesmerizing to watch! She has shown me two moves, that can be expanded into more, but I need to get the basic move down first. Hoops go flying and whizzing through the air, twirling and skittering across the ground, and thunking down on my body parts. I’ll have some bruises tonight… But I’m learning. It will take many long practice sessions to get this down pat. It feels good to work at something and see yourself getting better at it the more you try.