First Mow


Spring, oh how I do love Spring! The grass is green and growing tall, the flowers are blooming, the trees are leafing out, the birds are chirping, building nests, and laying eggs, the insects have returned, the sun is shining, and the days are growing longer and warmer! Soon there will be afternoon naps in the hammock, and days spent floating on inner-tubes in the swimming hole. Today I got to mow the lawn for the first time this year! The first mow is always joyous for me. The smell of the cut grass brings happiness to my psyche, walking barefoot through the yard brings peace to my soul. I put on a bikini top with shorts and slather myself in sunscreen, my feet get stained dark green, and I get a nice work out walking back and forth until the lawn is somewhat tamed. Body, heart, and soul sing the songs of Spring, of green growing things. Life is sweet! Happy 13th wedding anniversary to my wonderful husband!


Raccoon Party


It is getting to be the time of year where the bird feeders should start coming in at night so the do not become bear feeders, but I haven’t done it yet… The other day when we woke up the bird feeders were empty and all askew. I knew it wasn’t a bear because bears just bend the whole the metal pole over and sometimes destroy the feeders. I figured it was raccoons, I have seen their intricate hand prints in the delicate fresh snowflakes on the porch stairs. So last night as we were settling into bed, the cats went crazy at the front window, we cautiously looked out expecting a bear. My husband flicked on the porch light and what we saw instead was a whole raccoon family living it up! They were all fat and fuzzy with their black ringed eyes and striped tails. They were climbing on the feeder pole, pawing at the feeders, walking across the porch and balancing in the railing. It was hilarious to watch their antics as they realized they were caught and started exiting the scene of the crime with their waddling gait. The cats eyes were bugging out of their heads as they watched too. Nothing like a little wildlife excitement just before bed.

Hobbit Adventure


After another visit with Squeaky, my husband and I decide to go for a drive down some roads neither of us have traveled before. We are actually looking for a nearby state park just for the fun of it, but without a map or GPS. We are just following our noses. The road follows a small busy burbling creek. I watch as the cold water hurriedly tumbles over rocks and logs. The stream and road diverge and we pass a wetland, still brown and grey from the past winter, but Red Wing Blackbirds dart unseen, but distinctively heard among the tall brown cattail stalks from last year. Past the bog, is a hemlock forest, dark and dense that gives way to a deciduous forest branches still bare, but with early spring forest floor plants poking their timid greenness up through the brown leaf litter. They will all flower and die back as the trees leaf out. We pass some houses with unique artsy alcoves and adornments, then a gated driveway with signs to discourage trespassing, then more forests and wetlands. Eventually we do find the park we were looking for and drive through, looking at all it has to offer. We want to come back on a warmer day to hike the trails and paddle the lake. Our little Hobbit Adventure was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon together.

Happy Passover


My husband made a delicious Passover feast for two. He likes cooking and I like eating his cooking, so it works out well for us. In past years we would go to Brooklyn and he would help cook the Passover meal for his whole family, with all of the joys and dramas being with family involves. My husband’s father never really had much interest in the holidays, and now that my husband’s mother is gone, it’s just another day down in Brooklyn. So we had our own little celebration. Passover was the first Jewish holiday I celebrated with my husband and his family back 19 years ago when we were first dating. It seems like a lifetime ago; so many thing are completely different now. Time is an ephemeral mistress, who flirts and smiles, then disappears into the mist; a willow-the-wisp leading us deeper into the mysterious forest. Come a wandering with me to see what we can see! Maybe we can sit and share a home cooked meal, hearty and wholesome, and love one another, good cheer to feed the soul.

Maple Fest


Today a friend came over and the three of us went over to Shaver Hill for their annual NY Maple Days Maple Fest pancake breakfast. YUM!!!!!!!! We go ever year. All you can eat pancakes, breakfast sausage patties, and pure freshly made maple syrup. It has been so cold this spring so far that they were not actually boiling this weekend, but the breakfast is held in the boiling room snuggled around the giant industrial evaporator. They set up a tasting table as well where you can sample all their new and traditional maple products and maple infusions. It is mega-maple morning! Delicious!

Corned Beef And Cabbage


I know that eating corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day is the expected thing to do. However, I really like corned beef and cabbage. We eat it several times a year. We but the beef when it goes on sale in March and freeze it for corned beef and cabbage yummyness all year round. My husband lets it boil for a few hours in a big pot on the stove making the whole house smell like corned beef. I walk around sniffing the sir while it cooks. Then at the correct times for perfect eating consistency we throw in potatoes, carrots, onions, sometimes celery, and cabbage. If he is feeling exceptionally festive he will make an Irish soda bread as well. It all comes out at the same time, hot and tasty. It is one of my all time favorite meals!

Fun Day


Happy Birthday to my excellent husband! I colored a mandala that had hearts as its motif and the cats helped me glue on colored glitter accents. This hand made card was waiting as a surprise on his computer when he meandered into his office. He also started a new job today as a security guard at a construction site, so his day was filled with new beginnings! Today was also the end of the season staff dinner party at the ski slope. Hard to believe the season is almost over and that spring will be here soon. Seems like this winter was never going to end. We still have a couple of weekends to go at the slope, but the crowded busy days are behind us until next season. It was nice to hang out with all my co-workers eating good food, especially since I wasn’t able to work much this year. So all in all it was a fun day.