Cat Chasing Her Tail


Our Little Black Cat has a friendly and cheery and disposition. She is the first cat to greet people at the door and will play with everybody who visits. One of the cutest things she does is chase her tail. We have a cat scratching post with a covered cubbyhole on top that all the cats enjoy sitting on, and playing king of the mountain. When Shadow Cat get up there it is usually for attention. The scratching post is conveniently placed for maximum exposure to humans moving around the house. If you leave her up there long enough without interacting with her she finds ways to amuse herself. As she bends over to rub her head on the rough material she catches sight of a tantalizing fuzzy black thing waving around behind her. She turns to follow it and it moves away. She turns faster to grab it as it slides just out of reach. She ends up spinning circles on top of the cat scratcher with her hind claws dug in for balance and her front paws frantically swiping at her swishing tail. Eventually she catches the free end and bites it! Then she gives her tails a few consoling licks and sees it flash by on the other side and she is off in circles again. It is the craziest thing to watch and makes me laugh every time.


Happy Cats!


Open the door and walk into the house. A Little Black Shadow Cat comes running from wherever she had been napping, jumps to the top of the cat scratcher in one bound, and wiggles with delighted anticipation of being petted. She gently grabs at your hand when you pass by. Lilly Cat, the queen bee grey tabby, trots into the kitchen, half tail held at attention, flops down in the middle of the rug, and caterwauls for attention. She wants to be cuddled first. Tiger Cat, the biggest grey tabby cat in town, slides off the sofa to slink under and behind it to hide. This scaredy-cat isn’t sure who possible could be coming through the door. Old Man Max Cat, deaf as a door nail, long dark hair and fluffy pants, wakes from his slumber somehow knowing we are home, prances into the kitchen, follows an incremental path to the table top because he can’t jump that high anymore, and howls until one of us picks him up. Then Tiger figures out we aren’t the boogeyman, crawls out from behind the sofa, and does a squirmy rolly poly dance until his belly gets rubbed. Cat love!



The sound of rain on the roof was an all night lullaby. Dawn broke grey, cloudy, wet, and dark. I was slow coming out of sleep, disjointed dreams, groggy, stuffy nose, and dry mouth. A little black cat lightly jumped into bed, purred in my face and pranced around. This attracted the attention of a giant grey tabby cat, who pounded into bed, chirruped in my face, and stomped around. A second tabby followed, short tailed, and mewing. As, I sat up, I noticed it was breakfast time for cats. My movement send them all into paroxysms of joy and excitement in anticipation of their morning meal. A feline dance, all tails , feet, and sleek silky bodies undulating in sinuous perpetual motion, trying to trip me at the top of the stairs. Even the old man fluffy cat joined in, adding his unmodulated deaf cat voice to the din. As this fascinating spectacle made its way to the kitchen, it became more wild and frantic, jumping, pawing at the air, caterwauling for my attention. How could anybody not feel completely loved, wanted , and needed with four fuzzy faced felines singing and dancing for breakfast?!