Cat Chasing Her Tail


Our Little Black Cat has a friendly and cheery and disposition. She is the first cat to greet people at the door and will play with everybody who visits. One of the cutest things she does is chase her tail. We have a cat scratching post with a covered cubbyhole on top that all the cats enjoy sitting on, and playing king of the mountain. When Shadow Cat get up there it is usually for attention. The scratching post is conveniently placed for maximum exposure to humans moving around the house. If you leave her up there long enough without interacting with her she finds ways to amuse herself. As she bends over to rub her head on the rough material she catches sight of a tantalizing fuzzy black thing waving around behind her. She turns to follow it and it moves away. She turns faster to grab it as it slides just out of reach. She ends up spinning circles on top of the cat scratcher with her hind claws dug in for balance and her front paws frantically swiping at her swishing tail. Eventually she catches the free end and bites it! Then she gives her tails a few consoling licks and sees it flash by on the other side and she is off in circles again. It is the craziest thing to watch and makes me laugh every time.


Tiger’s Water Bowl


Tiger Cat has a unique way of drinking water out of the bowl we leave on the floor for the cats. We actually have the bowl on a tray because often more water ends up on the floor than in the cat. Tiger will sit or sometimes even lay down next to the water bowl and dip one of his paws in, repeatedly dunking it until it is thoroughly wet. Then he licks the water off his paw. He will next use the other foot doing the same thing. This makes funny little watery dunking swishing noises, so we know when he is doing this trick. It sloshes the water around in the bowl and over the sides making a wet messy puddle. He is the only cat who does this, even if we scold him. So the water bowl has its own tray and we constantly make sure it is refilled so the other cats can drink it responsibly. It is fairly amusing to watch Tiger Cat drink.

Cats Chasing Leaves Through The Window

10-9-2017 Magic Moment:

I wake up slowly for the fourth time this morning, there is muted sunlight coming through the window, and I can hear a wispy wind blowing leaves around outside. I look over a see three cats balanced on the shelf in front of the window. They are jockeying for position, for the best view. What has their attention? I sit up to see if there is a critter wandering around in the leaves under the window out of my sight. Nothing… I crawl closer and look out over their swishing tails and wiggling rumps. Still nothing… I stand up, lean over their taught bodies, coiled like springs ready to pounce, press my forehead to the window glass to see down as close to the house as I can. Still nothing… No creature scurrying, no critter scampering, no varmint scuttling in the leaves. Confused, I try to follow their gaze as they vibrate with excitement, whiskers twitching. Slowly, as a leaf whizzes past and all three cats heads swivel to track its path through the air and they all erupt into an exasperated chattering clicking noise they make sometimes, I realize they are chasing the leaves. How comical!