Music By The River


Back up North! Another glorious and physically demanding day in the gorge, followed by hanging out with a bunch of friends down at the train station in town for Music By the River night. The band was kickin’, people dancing, kids running around, folks laughing and talking, a bunch of us hula-hooping, food cooking on grills, and generally a good time was had by all. Nothing excitedly screams “This is what Summer is all about” than watching a yellow and gold sun set over a distant mountain in a clear pale blue sky that turns purple as the stars come out, while hula-hooping to an awesome band at a free and local outdoor concert. The warm and soft endless summer days (and nights) are upon us!


Dancing In The High Summer Rain


My sister and I stayed up late last night talking and giggling in the screen tent. We have the small primitive campground in a South Carolina swamp completely to ourselves now. We slept in and had a leisurely morning. The heat and humidity are oppressive, the sky is a melancholy grey hanging low over the huge old Live Oak and Long Needle Pine trees. We eat granola bars and trail mix for breakfast and start breaking camp. I have mostly finished loading stuff into my over packed car when the sky opens up and drops a deluge of giant warm raindrops. We laugh as we are instantly soaked. The rain roars in our ears and floods the campsite as we wrangle the kayaks onto my car rack to tie them down. We both realize that we will need to wait for the rain to stop to dry off before getting into our cars. Since that doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon, we remove our uncomfortable clinging soaked clothing and dance around laughing and stomping in the puddles. We sing with the tree frogs, happy southern swamp amphibians. Eventually the rain subsides, my sister has goose bumps because to her senses the rain and slight drop in temperature is chilly. I am reveling in the warm high summer rain. Rain is never this warm in NY, and the drop in temperature is still hotter than any summer day up north so far this year. The rain stops falling from the sky but will be falling from the branches for a long while yet. We dry off, find dry clothes, and as the humidity and temperature start climbing again, we settle into our cars and head in opposite directions toward home.