Fairy Baubles


Every spring I go up into the woods and set up a patio table, chairs, and umbrella on a flat rock we call the patio rock. When the trees are bare it is completely visible form the road, once the leaves have come back, we can sit up there are watch the world go by and no one will know we are up there hidden away in our lush forest. I have a whole crate of fairy baubles I like to hang up in the tree branches around the patio rock. These are colorful, whimsical, wind-chimes, spinners, and light catchers. I spend an hour or so carefully hanging them all up, considering the perfect spot for each piece. This is one of my spring rituals to usher in and welcome the warm sun. After all the baubles are hung up, I sit and listen as the gently breeze stirs the chimes into a chorus of tinkling tones all around. I am surrounded by mystical forest fairy music.


Leaves Unfurling


Every day I watch the trees, the bushes, the brambles, the plants, and the grasses. I am waiting for spring green to evolve, observing as the tiny green leaves unfurl, slowly opening up to the sunshine. This time of year you can see the difference in just a few hours. In the morning at sunrise, this leaf is barely alive, curled around itself in a protective stance, reddish-brown and yellow mixing on its surface. Later in the day, it had opened, tentatively, unsure if today is the right day, turning a vivid yellow-green. By the late afternoon, the leaf is confident and secure in its knowledge that warm days are ahead, it has flattened out, stretched to it fullest extent, ready to grow bigger and greener. I feel it too, the anticipation, expectation, exultation. Life is too precious to stay curled up, afraid, and unsure. I want to live free, feel the breeze in my hair and the sun on my skin. Step away from anxiety and move toward the green days and the light.

Water Drops


Morning sunshine pours down the mountains, filling the hollow with gleaming spring glory. Humidity hangs limp in the still air, dew drops covering every surface in sight. As the sun light moves slowly into the hollow, it silently touches the dew drops. Each droplet of water turns into a blinding prism, shattering and scattering the sun light into a brilliance that makes my eyes water. I am unable to look away or shield my eyes from the millions of tiny incandescent orbs of dazzling sparkling intense pure light radiating out, surrounding me in a cacophony of serendipitous rapture. For a moment, or maybe an eternity, my consciousness is all encompassed in the luminescence. I am the light, without breath or form, flying eternally throughout the cosmos. I am in all directions, everywhere at the same time; transcendence. The earth turns, the sunbeams change direction, the small rift in the space time continuum quietly fills in, the dew drops become water, and I return to myself.



I have been watching the buds grow bigger every day, with slivers of yellow frill escaping the seems. Today the first daffodil flowers finally burst open into bright sunny shiny happy flowers! Some are a deep glowing yellow, other, are a pales yellow with white centers, and there are ones with white flowers and orange middles. Some are frilly and lacy, fancy double petals, others are the classic daffodil. Yellow blossoms bright tints and pale hues, radiantly gleaming among the long slender dark green leaves and stalks. I do so admire daffodils, I breath them in, bury my face in their brilliance, absorb their joy into my soul. Spring is here to stay!

Solar Lights


I enjoy doing yard work, being outside, feeling the sun warm my skin, breathing fresh air, smelling damp earth. There are days where I will wake up early, get dressed, go outside, and not to come in until after dark. Today I worked on cleaning and organizing my gardening table. I pulled out the little solar lights from the container they had been dropped in last fall. I wiped them off, reassembled them, and set them all up in the yard to charge in the bright spring sunshine. I moved on to cleaning out the flower beds, and other spring yard chores. Later, as the sun set and darkness fell, the little solar lights blinked on one by one, so I moved them each to a strategic spot among the flower beds all around the yard. Then sat on the porch admiring the soft fairy lights glowing merrily throughout the lawn. Soft spring evenings purple and blue, warm air cooling down to a chill, and velvety luminous lanterns like willow-the-wisps in the flowing night.

Sun and Mist


Dawn in the Catskills, humid and cool. Down in the hollow there is muted morning light, the bottom of the valley in still blue shadow. Mist clings to the tree tops, lazily drifting around, tendrils gently entwined with bare branches, leaf buds ready to open. Across the way, the hillside is sumptuously crowned with a dazzling golden glowing fog where sunbeams have the Midas Touch, turning the air into a gossamer shimmery brilliant fabric, wrapping around the contours in sinuous suggestion, individual water droplets turning into microscopic golden glitter to rain down into my dazzled eyes. Sunlight and mist chasing each other through the early spring forest. Glorious laughter ringing through the trees.

More Snow


There was snow in the forecast for last night, so when we woke up this morning and there was no snow on the ground or falling from the sky, I was glad. However, it did start snowing an hour or so later… I was doing yoga with my Little Black Cat helper. She chirps, purrs, and rubs around my arms and legs as I move from one position to another. At some point I glanced out the window and saw huge wet spring snowflakes sliding down to earth, sticking to everything, even though the ambient temperature was above freezing. If fell so fast and thick, the slender newly green grass blades were quickly buried, and the bare branches swiftly had a frosty frilly coating of lacy snow. The birds mobbed the feeders and never stopped singing in the forest as the creek faintly roared down below. It’s the last day of April, and we got more snow!