Gathering Of Friends


Trudging up the hill after a long day, tired and wanting only to take a snooze in the afternoon breeze, I hear voices lilting through the trees. Topping the hill I see several guides sitting on the stoop the tent platform makes under the tarp. I realize they have gathered out of sight of whatever guests might still be milling around down the hill. They apologize for invading my space (it is a perfect place to sit out of the dampness), and although I am slightly surprised, I am also pleased to have visitors. I open the camp chairs, hang up the hammock, invite them to hang out whenever they want. I lay in the hammock, gently swinging, talking, laughing, watching the afternoon sunlight dance through the bright green leaves swaying above my head, teasing glimpses of blue sky peaking shyly between lush branches. This is better than a nap!


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