Big Red And Little Blue


The run down the Shenandoah is 6 miles from the Millville put in to the Potomac Wayside parking area just upstream of the 340 bridge over the Potomac. It took the three of us 7 hours to “paddle” this section. This was the maiden voyage (with me as the owner) of the two duckies (inflatable kayaks) I brought with me. My best friend from childhood (we met in the 3rd grade), her wife, and their cute little dog floated down the river in the double ducky we called Big Red, and I was in Little Blue, the single ducky. There was plenty of room for snacks and beverages as well. We enjoyed the heat and intensity of the summer sun, the refreshing dips in the river, and the amazing beauty of the Appalachian mountains. We explored behind the islands, even through there was not enough water to actually float back. We spend a couple of happy hours at Bull Falls, playing in the rapid, running it numerous times, and body surfing in the ledge drop hydraulic. I even jumped into the middle of the rapid just from old times sake like we used to do when we were young, invincible, and immortal! There was even that predictable evening thunder storm that seems to happen every July 4th, the humidity builds to an unsustainable level in the atmosphere and it all falls back to earth as a gentle warm rain. What an amazing way the spend a sweet nostalgic summer day!


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