Veery Thrush Sighting!


I have been hear a most beautiful reedy flute sounding bird call in the early mornings and late evenings during the blue twilight dusk times. These little birds flit around the tent, my ears vibrating with their airy musical scales. I hear them coming as they pass through the forest, they surround the tent, and then move on calling through the trees as darkness falls or as daylight breaks. This morning I finally caught sight of one: small, brown, and fleeting. It was hard to believe that such amazing music comes from that little bird. I though it might be and Eastern Towhee, as I hear their woodwind like “drink your teeeeee” calls at the same time. I tried to look them up and listened to several birds on You Tube before I found it, then verified it on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology site: Veery Thrush!


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