Tiger Cat And The Water Bowl


Home! My own bed, sleeping curled next to my husband, cats sprawled everywhere, our heads, our feet, our arms. Eventually I get up to feed the Old Man Cat who gets wet food (the others only get kibble). The other three cats think it is highly unfair, but they are overweight and we try to monitor their food intake in an effort to keep them healthy. After Max is finished eating, I pick his food up out of reach of the others and start to head back upstairs. A splashing noise catches my attention, so I turn around. There is Tiger Cat playing in the water bowl again. His favorite way of “drinking” water is to stick a front paw in and splash it around, sloshing water all over the tray and floor. We often keep a dish towel tucked around the tray for this reason. So now he is in full water splashing swing. Once his paw is good and soaked, he likes the water off it and then does the same thing with the other paw. I watch him splash and lick, splash and lick, until he has had his fill. This morning I found it highly amusing even though I had to wipe the water off the floor and refill the bowl when he was done. This little ritual seems to bring him pleasure so I let him have his wet and messy fun. Gotta love those crazy cats!


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