Summer Breeze


Sitting on the porch after the raft trip, all the guests well fed and on their way home, we guides tell our stories of the day. I am lounging on the bottom step, leaning against the step above, elbows back supporting me, legs stretched out, and bare feet rubbing on the small rounded rocks like a message, and toes curling into the warm sand. I am listening to the days events from everyone else point of view, laughing with my friends at the idiosyncrasies of the random people we interact with in this crazy world. I am looking out across the parking lot, letting my skin soak in the afternoon sunshine, basking in the summer radiant heat. There is a breeze blowing through the tree limbs across the way. I watch as they leaves dance and twist, the branches wave, and the tall white pines trunks sway back and forth. I am content, full of life, and happy for summer to finally be here.


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