More rain. More rain. More rain. Can you tell it has been raining off and on, drizzling, sprinkling, dripping, dropping, spritzing, spitting, for several days now… Our whole world is wet, soggy, damp, humid, craving the missing sun. I was driving back to the raft base after a day renting canoes. We even had a few brave customers who are ready to get wet in the river with the threat of rain. Suddenly, the sky opened up and dumped gallons, buckets, a drenching, blinding downpour. I could see no further than a few feet in front of me, wasn’t sure where the edge of the road was, so I slowed to a crawl, rolled up the windows, and heard over the pounding noise of rain hitting the car roof a weird buzzing noise. I pulled over, stopped briefly to listen. The buzzing had stopped. A few minutes later, the rain eased up enough to see down the road, so I continued toward my destination, driving through puddles big enough to make me nervous. Back at the base, as the rain continues to fall, I handed the paperwork of the over, then pulled out the phone to charge, and the cause of the buzzing noise was revealed! A weather alert: beware of flash flooding in your area! We all laughed, discharging the nervous tension of driving through the flooding downpour. Yes, it is Raining!


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