Solstice Sunset Paddle


After dinner, with more than an hour before sunset, and few hours before darkness, we load the canoe and drive to Colgate Lake. It has been a few years since my husband and I have been in our wedding canoe together, but this is a perfect opportunity. Summer solstice, longest day of the year! We carry the boat to the water, hop in, and gently paddle away into the sunset. It is slightly breezy on the quite lake as we paddle out to the middle where I turn around in my seat so we are facing each other. We float and talk, listen to the birds, insects, and frogs, look for fish and turtles, and watch the glowing yellow sun slowly descend through a cloudless pale blue sky behind the western ridge line. We are on the far side of the lake, now where sunlight still touches the water, back where we started is in the first evening shadow. Peaceful, and tranquil, we paddle back across the lake. As we are loading the canoe back on the car for the short drive home and white tailed deer bounds across the path, enters the trees, then turns to watch us a while before walking into the grassy field on the other side of the trees. A perfect Solstice paddle for the first day of summer!


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