Rescuing Red Efts


Red Efts are the terrestrial or juvenile form of the Eastern Red Spotted Newt. These small red/orange salamanders have a toxin on their skin that makes them unpalatable to predators, so when you touch them make sure to wash/rinse your hands off afterwards. This spring has been such a wet season that these little creatures are everywhere in the woods, walking across roads and parking lots. I have been “rescuing” them almost every day. Today I picked one up out of the wet sand in the parking lot near my car to relocate in the leaf litter under the trees, I noticed its spots. Its tiny orange body wriggling in my hand had several dark red dots along its back encircled with a bright bright glowing orange line. Fascinating to imagine the full grown creature it will become, but for now I gently place it out of harms way under the frilly green ferns where it promptly scamper away.


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