Four Cats With Cat Grass


My husband ordered a large package of rye grass seeds also know as cat grass. About a week or so ago I planted a crop in a small plant pot. Now it is a few inches long, lush, thick and bright green, perfect for giving to the cats. I set the cat grass pot in the middle of the kitchen and watched. Old Man Max Cat came right over and stuck his face in as deep as it would go and started chewing. Lily Cat came over to investigate what Max was up to and decided to try it too. Shadow Cat is slightly wary of getting to close to the other when they are riled, so she approached cautiously, but after one whiff, stuck her face in a started gnawing on the rye grass as well. Tiger Cat, the biggest and wimpiest, sneaked up on it in a crouch, pawed a grass blade down to his nose to sniff, and then took a tentative taste. Apparently it was to his liking, because soon he was chewing and chomping with the others. All four cats with their heads in the cat grass, pawing, chewing, shaking their heads, pulling blades out of the pot and spreading them all over the kitchen. Oh yes, they love their cat grass!


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