First Corn On The Cob


There it is, sitting in a great pale green pile in the grocery store, 10 ears for 4 dollars! Oblong, layered, rippled green leaves protectively cradling rows of neatly formed golden kernels of summer sweetness. Each yellow orb near to bursting with starchy crunchy mount watering goodness. Let them soak for a while in water, throw them directly on the grill or coals with a steamy hiss. The outside skin of leaves chars black with white ashy edges as the inside steams up into the perfect ear of corn on the cob. Off the fire, and wait a few minutes to let the outside cool enough to touch. Gingerly unfold the steaming hot leaves to reveal the golden ear of corn. You can leave some of the leaves attached twisted into a handle. Slather it with butter, sprinkle salt, and now you have the first corn on the cob of the summer!


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