Dragonfly Hatch


Standing on the cobbled, muddy edge of a lazy section of the Hudson River in the Adirondacks, watching the clear tannin browned water slip quietly by through the cool muggy morning air, I glance down and notice a dragonfly who has just emerged from the husk of its nymph form. Bending down close, I gently pick up this delicate helpless creature, its gossamer wings still unfolding and not yet stiff enough to sustain flight. Holding my finger up, it clings with all its tickling feet, I admire its sheer tenacity, its life force, its being. After many minutes of careful fluttering, it takes its first flight, low over the water and out of my sight. I then notice others taking off from the reeds and grasses around me. On closer inspection I realize I am standing in the middle of a huge dragonfly hatch. Squatting down I see dragonflies in all stages of emergence from just starting to break free of the nymph shell to flying away on the almost imperceptible breeze. Life is amazing!


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