Blue Jays and Owl


Walking up the road, near the top where it intersects with a county route, under the hemlock trees, the overcast day making all seem gloomy, moisture still dripping randomly from the dark heavy trees. I suddenly hear several blue jay stirring up a raucous. I see them through the tree limbs diving, fluttering, feinting, and screaming. Then I see the focus of their attention. They have found a large sleepy barred owl camped on a thick branch minding its own groggy business. It valiantly tries to ignore their tormenting jeers. I stop and observe. The blue jays put up on magnificent show. Eventually, the owl spies me and decides it is just too much, decides to go find a more peaceful place to sleep the day away. It steps off the branch, silently opens it wings, and glides overhead, slicing between the trees and disappears into the gloom of the overcast evergreen forest, with the blue jays in hot pursuit hectoring the whole time. Eventually they will chase him out of their territory and hopefully then the owl will get some peace.


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