Bubbles In The Hot Tub


Alone, lounging neck deep in a large spa hot tub, underwater jets moving the water, but no bubbles. I move around the tub periodically, a lazy floating swim like motion to sit in a different spot. Sunshine pouring in through the tinted plate glass windows, I am on a bench leaning against a corner letting my arms and legs float when I notice tiny brightly glowing sliver white crosses moving underwater along the blue tiled side of the pool. Curious, they disappear one by one. I look for more, reposition myself to see into the clear water better, my movement making a few bubbles on the surface, and there they are again! I make more bubbles by cupping my hand and forcing it quickly underwater with a thuwnk sound, and more sliver glowing rainbow crosses appear moving around in the jets currents until they pop. The sunlight streaming through the window is hitting the bubbles and making an x reflection under the water. I keep playing with the bubbles and their amazing light refracting qualities until a cloud covers the sun and I realize I am over heated and need to exit the hot tub for a refreshing drink of ice water.


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