Waves In The Pool


Alone, standing waist deep in a chilly swimming pool, mustering up the courage to plunge in and swim, slow motion bouncing on tip toes, watching the light play of the reflection on the ceiling high above. I look out over the surface of the long pool and notice a pattern in the waves I have created. I stand perfectly still to let the water surface quiet, listening to the echoing sound of water draining into the filter pump. Then I bounce once to watch the wave travel the distance down the lane. It steadily spreads out from my body in all directions. To the left and right, the wave hits the concrete edges of the pool and bounces back toward the middle while forward keeps going. I bounce three times in succession and watch as the ripples travel, bounce, and connect with each other making concentric rings intersecting at angles, converging into bigger waves and troths canceling out waves moving down the pool length in geometric patterns. I loose all track of times as I bounce and watch the ripples and their flashing sliver light reflections on the ceiling and the bottom of the pool. I am completely absorbed in this moving science of liquid flow dynamics.


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