Vacuuming Toy Mice


The chore of vacuuming is one I don’t much enjoy. Our house is small and crowded with stuff that collects dust, car hair, and fluff. It all needs to be moved to be vacuumed around. It seems to take me forever to get the job done and there is always more dust and cat hair. I was bent over, wedged between the bed and the wardrobe with the hose under that piece of furniture when I felt the hose buck and jolt and a whining hissing nose indicated I had something stuck at the end of the hose. The cats like to store their toy mice under there, so I wasn’t surprised at the interruption. However when I pulled the hose back into view, I had five toy mice arrayed in a rainbow at the end of the wand, being held by their tails by the suction. I laughed out loud at the ridiculous sight. Pulled them free, set them on the bed, and continued my chore lighter of heart and mood.


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