Corned Beef And Cabbage


One of my favorite meals is corned beef and cabbage. Every year after St. Patrick’s Day, we buy several packages of corned beef when it goes on sale and freeze them. So later in the year, when I have a hankering for it, my husband will make the meal that makes the whole house smell like spicy boiled meat and vegetables. It’s a warm, comforting smell, that makes me feel safe and loved. It takes hours as it slowly cooks, the anticipation is half the fun. Then, finally, when dinner time has arrived, the red, stringy, marbled meat is cut into slices and piled on my plate with oily limp cabbage wedges, soft orange carrots chunks, dripping slimy onion halves, and earthy mushy potatoes. It all melts in my mouth and I can never get enough of the peppery spice of this hearty beef.


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