I woke last night to the sound of rain pounding on the roof. My husband breathing heavily beside me didn’t even stir. The rain was pouring down, its muffled roar growing louder as it intensified, the metal roof sounding a dull continual thudding. Even the cats got up to investigate. I lay in the dark, snugly under the feather comforter, listening. I concentrated on all the different sounds the water was making. The noise as it hit the roof, the gurgling sound as it ran off the roof, the splashing sound as it hit the ground, the hissing noise as it hit the trees outside the window, the sound of rain hitting the ground, the thunk noise when larger drops fell off the tree to hit the roof. I listened as the rain slacked off to a quiet whisper and the thunking drops were singing a random tuneless melody. I eventually drifted back to sleep with a watery lullaby in my heart.


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