Rain Brings Leaves


I am home after a cold and wet weekend, but a good weekend no matter. I sleep late. Its easier to do in the house than in the tent. My husband feeds the cats when he gets up so they come curl up with me to sleep some more. It’s another grey day, water dripping, overcast and cool, but what I notice is green creeping through the underbrush in the creek. I see green spreading among the trees, tiny new leaves just waking up, wanting sun. I can still see the creek, and across it to the field, road, and the two houses along the road, but it isn’t a clear view, green in encroaching, blotting out the crisp edges like a green mist. Soon, the creek will be hidden by leaves. I’ll be watching every day to catalog in my mind the tiny incremental steps as the green takes over. Nothing like a little rain to bring out the green!


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