Hiking up the mountain with a boy scout troop to explore the caves at the top. The view is worth the hike, Adirondack mountains and lakes spread out panorama. I have been in this cave several times, but today I am the gate keeper. The group is too large to all go in at once, so I stay outside with the boys anxiously waiting their turn. The mouth is two slabs of rock that angle back toward each other so to enter you must slither on your belly between the slabs. It is a tight squeeze all the way in the back, then you dip down an unseen whole and enter the underground world. I help the boys; checking helmets and head lamps, securing rock climbing harnesses for a 30 foot descent down a rope ladder deep inside the cave, answering questions, calming others fears and concerns. An hour or so later, when the first group returns, they switch gear in the pouring rain. Muddy boys scramble out into the light, bubbling with excitement and glorious victory. I can almost hear the stories they will tel each other around their soggy campfire later tonight.


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