46 Pounds Of Cats


I wake slowly, groggy from dreaming, and realize I can’t move. I am completely pinned down by four snoozing cats: one large grey tabby sprawled across both ankles, one small sleek black cat curled in a tight ball nestled against my back, one long haired old man cat stretched out along my side with his head on my shoulder, and another grey tabby snuggled up next to him with her head buried in his fluffy belly. I squirm under the weight, readjusting, trying to alleviate kinked body parts, not wanting to disrupt the feline siesta. Then I count pounds, two tabbies are 16 plus 12 for 28, old man is plus 10 for 38, and the smallest adds 8 more equals 46! There is entirely too much cat in this bed!


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