Lilacs Buds


Last week, on a sunny warm day, I did some work in the yard; moved a couple of small unhappy lilac trees whose leaf buds were just starting to show green, and a forsythia bush that was just starting to bloom, and cleaned out the strawberry and asparagus beds. There is much more to do of course, but I often check on what I have already done to make sure all the growing things in the yard are happy. This morning is wet and chilly with a misty drizzle hanging in the air, the forsythia is in full bloom now, so I carefully navigated through the mud and wet grass to take pictures if its dazzling cluster of bright yellow flowers that have summer sun and blue skies peeking out of their happy golden smiles. Scooting back to the road (the quick and dry way back to the driveway), a vague purple essence on the end of a lilac twig caught my attention; I stopped to investigate. There are tiny purple flower buds on the lilac trees! I have been waiting several years for these trees to flower since a neighbor down the road let me transplant a few trees from her lilac gone wild bush. Oh joy and rapture! I am desperately hoping we don’t get a late frost like last year because now that they have flower buds I cant wait wait. I will be watching them every day to see each tiny increment of nature’s beautiful mystery unfolding from tiny bud to full flower. I want lilac flowers in the yard this year!


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