Cats Grooming


Home again, showered, fed, and in pajamas, laying in bed reading, two large tabby cats curled at my feet. My mind wanders away from the words, and realizing I hear slurping noises, sit up and look towards the cats. They are grooming each other. Both have their front paws holding the head of the other cat while they both try to lick the head and face of the cat they are trying to hold down. I expect this mutual grooming to turn into a free for all brawl (as it usually does when they are in this position), licks changing to nips and the chase is on. However, they seem content to just continue cleaning each others face, head, neck, and ears. I watch, mesmerized, pink gnarly rough tongues, flashing between sharp white teeth, combing fur into submission. After a while, they each set to work on themselves, methodically moving from shoulders, to tummy, each leg and foot in turn. Scratchy tongues working hard to remove unseen (to me) dirt and grime, once and while using teeth chewing to dig deeper, scraping and scratching themselves squeaky clean. Life is peaceful and serene when you can take the time to watch cats groom.


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