The sound of rain on the roof was an all night lullaby. Dawn broke grey, cloudy, wet, and dark. I was slow coming out of sleep, disjointed dreams, groggy, stuffy nose, and dry mouth. A little black cat lightly jumped into bed, purred in my face and pranced around. This attracted the attention of a giant grey tabby cat, who pounded into bed, chirruped in my face, and stomped around. A second tabby followed, short tailed, and mewing. As, I sat up, I noticed it was breakfast time for cats. My movement send them all into paroxysms of joy and excitement in anticipation of their morning meal. A feline dance, all tails , feet, and sleek silky bodies undulating in sinuous perpetual motion, trying to trip me at the top of the stairs. Even the old man fluffy cat joined in, adding his unmodulated deaf cat voice to the din. As this fascinating spectacle made its way to the kitchen, it became more wild and frantic, jumping, pawing at the air, caterwauling for my attention. How could anybody not feel completely loved, wanted , and needed with four fuzzy faced felines singing and dancing for breakfast?!


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