Love Bug


One of our four indoor cats is a giant grey tabby, 16 pounds, barrel chested, tall, and long. He is quite handsome, but about as smart as a box of rocks. He’s a wimp too; his own shadow has startled him, and he runs and hides from any loud noise or any event he doesn’t immediately understand. He is also one of the most loving cats I have ever encountered. If you sit quietly, it doesn’t matter where, he will come over and love you. We call him the Love Bug and Nuzzle Meister. He starts with a head butt or five to get your attention and then nuzzles and purrs and drools. After many minutes of intense head butting and nuzzling, he climbs into your lap, stomps around to try out several positions before settling and proceeds to kneed with all four feet, still purring and drooling! Sometimes he only stays for a minute or two, but today he has settled and fallen asleep. A little Love Bug in my lap.


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