Tent Chasing


This year I decided to re-waterproof my tents and other gear. Its a multi step process requiring copious amounts of time to dry and cure between each step making it a multi day process. In order for the waterproofing products dry and cure, the day needs to be sunny, dry, and warm. Sunny dry and warm days have been few and far between. Oh well! Today was good day to spray some silicone (and try not to inhale it)! So my little travel tent I keep in the car was set up on the lawn drying nicely in the breezy sunny spring air. I had gone inside for a drink. Looked up through the window and saw a tent go bouncing, rolling by the house along the road. WOW! Never saw me move so fast laughing the whole way. I zinged out the door, flew down the stairs, ran across the yard and up the road, shouting in my excitement “ Come back to my little tent! Don’t leave me now! Think of all the good times we’ve had together!” The tent came to rest on a tangled bramble next to the road. I was glad for that because I didn’t have to chase it down the embankment into the creek. After carefully extracting it from the branches and vines, I carried it back to the yard, a giant ribbed nylon balloon tugging at my grip in the wind and bouncing with my at my gait. It got staked down! No more tent chasing today.


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