Tail Chasing


One of our cats is a small black lithe feline. Even her nose and whiskers are black. One of her names is Shadow because you cannot see her when she slinks through the shadows in the hallway and around furniture. She is silky soft smooth, fiendishly friendly, feisty, a little vibrating purr motor inside her chest that rarely isn’t running, and has an easily activated play mode. Out of the many adorably cute things this cat does, chasing her tail is one of the funniest. We have a cat-scratcher stand with a compartment on top, where she sits and bats at your hand when you walk by in an attempt to get your attention so you will pet her. If instead, you stay out of reach, she can’t contain herself and her tail starts whipping back and forth in excited agitation. Inevitably, at the apex of one of its swings, she notices it. The chase is on! Back claws dig in, front legs twist around claws extended, body bending and curling, tail zinging away around behind, the twirling, whirling purring dervish dance spins menially atop the cat-scratcher, precariously balanced. She catches it all claws and teeth, then realizes it’s attached to herself, the chewing turns to licking “I meant to do that”. The silky tail slips through the front paws and around she goes again.


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