Hammock Afternoon


I’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful, sunny, warm, dry Spring day by going through gear, packing for rafting season, and continuing the waterproofing project. There is always so much to do in these first days of spring. The yard projects are lining up and impatiently waiting for my attention. I am a busy little bee buzzing around my hive waking it up from its long winter’s sleep. So in the late afternoon with a large yellow hazy sun hanging lazily over the western horizon, I move the hammock off the porch into the yard. I lay there soaking in the afternoon warmth, legs dangling, swinging gently, sleepily watching the haze grow thicker slowly turning into a cloud bank. As the sun dips toward the ridge, the clouds close in and a chill air stirs the bare branches. Just for a while, the sun was warm, the birds were chirping, and I took the time to lounge, first hammock basking of the season!


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