Old Friends


I drove down to Westchester today to see an old friend who I haven’t seen he got married. He and his amazing wife now have two small adorable children. Three years ago, he suggested I could have some whitewater gear he’s not using anymore, so I finally made the trip. It amazing how such a short distance can hold such an immense gulf of immeasurable time and space.

People come and go in our lives, our immediate circle of friends is in constant fluctuation, although we don’t often notice because usually friends slowly fade out of the intimate Now of life. Oh, we keep in touch; Christmas cards and the occasional e-mail or phone call, but Life pulls us all in a dizzying myriad of different directions. Suddenly you realize its been 8 years since you’ve seen your friends, and you haven’t met their children!

Even though our current life paths could hardly be more different, the friendship is still strong and true. Conversation comes easily, comfortable, and relaxing, falling into place as if 8 years had only been 8 days. Catching up, shared memories, future plans, laughing smiles, and the immense gulf disappears into nothingness. Friendships are measured in heartbeats, warm, continuous, the hidden pulse that keeps us connected to to each other, even when we are unaware of or separated from that connection. Seeing old friends again is like a fire bursting into glorious flame from buried embers under the ash. Stir things up a little bit and you’ll never know what you will find. Cheers to old friendships, we all need a little unconditional love to lean on once and a while!


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