More Snow

More Magic Moments for April!


April Fool’s Day: that’s right you get more snow. No, it’s not spring yet! Oh well, I watch the snow all day out every window as I move around the house doing indoor things. Spring snow is different. It’s wet, heavy, slushy, it slops onto the ground, a half frozen porridge that mushes and seeps into your shoes when you walk through it. The precipitation today can’t decide what it wants to be, it tries on a new face every hour or so, sleet, misty rain, huge cotton ball snowflakes, freezing rain, pellet snow, stuff that looks like snow, but melts by the time it hits the ground. I wish I knew all the words for snow the Eskimos have because there are some of those falling from the sky too. It accumulates enough to cover white everything again, and make road travel hazardous. Not too bad all told. What could be better than a warm cozy fire, four snuggling cats, a bowl of popcorn, an excellent audio book, and a knitting project?


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