Wood Smoke


Early morning, standing in the blue hill shadow looking up at a bright azure sky filled with sliver shining sunlight. Inhale deeply, smell the cold, crisp air with just a tangled hint of spring mud wetness. The gentle breeze shifts, bringing the chimney smoke down to my wandering inquisitive nostrils. Husky, heady, ephemeral smoke, swirls in my imagination and memory, campfires warming the soul on solo trips, bonfires dancing with friends and drums, cooking fires during endless summer adventures. Smoky, woody, smell the deep growing forest, the smell of sun warmed tree bark and fallen pine needles on a hot August afternoon. It’s the crack of fresh split timber, vibrant tangy sap and musky wet earth. Wood smoke lingers in the cold morning air, the house is glowing cozy warm. I go to work dreaming of campfires and summer.


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