Winter Sunset


Standing on the porch in the frigid evening air, watching the blinding pale yellow sun slip down below the ridge across the hollow. Bare trees stand like sentinels, witnesses to coming darkness, stark black silhouettes against a dazzling glowing golden disk, slowly silently gliding out of sight behind the horizon. Minutes pass endlessly, my eyes tear either from the cold or from looking into the glaring halo of light disappearing from the pale western sky, mesmerized, hypnotized. The whole world seems to hold its breath, not even the tiniest wisp of air moving, birds quiet, stream muffled, breath caught in my chest as the last visage of shining sunshine disk sinks out of sight. Everything gently exhales as the western sky turns pale pink and orange, tired colors that fade quickly. I come back to myself and realize I am shivering in the cold. Cats in the window with wide round eyes wonder why their human would stay outside when inside has a warm fire, cozy blankets, and snuggle y four footed friends to curl up with. One last glance to the west, sky turning dark blue and purple, stars appearing in the darkening sky, and I go inside to my happy family.


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