Clouds in Sunset


Standing in the parking lot of the grocery store, sun has already set, western sky is fading pastels, random snow flakes flurry around in the stiff cold breeze. I put bags I the trunk and quickly scoot the cart into a corral, back at the car I look up again and see that in just those few short minutes of business, the whole western sky has changed. Now there is a long, thin, dark purple cloud hovering above the horizon, with parallel long thin ripply clouds above it spreading out into the open bale blue nothingness. The dark purple is just a thin line of denseness in the middle of the cloud, the color shifts to a bright orange pink and then fades a pale pink around its outer edge. All its ripply friends start off bright orange next to the mother cloud and fade to fluffy pale bluish white as the spread out. The eastern shy is turning dark and by the time I pull out of the parking lot, it all has condensed into one grey cloud bank desperately clinging to the horizon as darkness takes over the sky.


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