The Birds Are Back


Morning, partly cloudy, cats are in the window watching the birds on the feeders. I’m running late as usual, my head is never on straight in the morning, and there is always one more thing to do! I was wondering what to pack for lunch and Jonathan asks “What’s this bird with the green head?” I’m thinking there are no birds with green heads around here. So I go look. The identification book calls them boat tailed grackles, and the show up in early spring. You know winter is almost over when they arrive! So here is this bird on top of the feeder, showing off for all to see, about the size of a blue jay, maybe a little bigger, jet black. The sun slides from behind a cloud and his head glimmers a dazzling iridescent dark black green, his wings a dark black indigo. He is a fluttering black rainbow shimmering in the sunlight. Harbinger of spring, wild and free, let me fly with you into those warm summer days!


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