Day Dream


Late afternoon, low yellow sun streaming through the front picture window, warm and cozy in front of the fire, dozing on the sofa, rainbows from the prisms outside swinging on the walls, lounging like the lazy cat I am. Halfway to dreamland, thoughts disassembled, and drifting. Light and shadow playing on the wall. My eyes follow the random patterns. Sunlight reaching through heavy branches of the hemlock trees throws dancing dappled light across the room. I imagine waves on a beach and a summer breeze rattling palm tree fronds. I remember early mornings, waking up in the camping hammock, lake lapping gently, light rippling through green leaves. Through hazy eyes, I watch sunlight and shadow mix and mingle, dusting the room, shifting chiaroscuro, poetry in motion. Love and life playing hide and seek in the afternoon shadows.


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