Yoga Moon


I go to yoga classes somewhat randomly. The studios around here have regular schedules of course, but some weeks I turn up a few times, and other weeks, not at all. I tend to do my own practice at home a little randomly as well. I don’t make a regular schedule to stick to. In the summer I usually try to do my yoga routine before white water rafting, but I also really like sleeping until the last possible minute. However, I immensely enjoyed all the yoga classes I do attend. My body, mind, and spirit respond well to the meditative deep breathing, the flowing energy of controlled movement, the challenge of holding difficult poses, the release of tension, toxins, and anxiety, and the letting go into complete relaxation. So imagine having this intense and wonderful experience while catching glimpses of Grandmother Moon out the window. She’s a couple of days from full, so there is an odd, not quite round shape to her bottom. She is slightly fuzzy with an indistinct edge, hanging sleepily above the bare trees in a hazy tired bleached blue sky, the sun gone below the horizon, and night setting it. Whenever I stand up in a stretching salutation move, she is there, groggily smiling down at us. As the sky darkens, she brightens, wakes up, rubs the glaze from her edges and shines. Grandmother moon watching over all of us.


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