Standing in the kitchen, staring blankly out the empty black hole that during the day is a large picture window looking out into our small part of the world. Not really thinking of anything, just spacing out the way we all sometimes do. I slowly realize I am looking at a light, bright, but not illuminating anything. I wonder if it is the solar light my husband recently installed to light up the passage to the basement. It quit working after a few days because where it’s placed, it doesn’t get enough sunlight to charge. My brain starts waking up to solve this mystery, it isn’t the solar light, not in the correct place. So what is it. It looks kind of like the moon, but the moon is up high on the other side of the house, and this is down from where I am standing. It does not make sense. I move closer to the window and lean over the sink to get a better look and the glowing blue ball of light disappears. What?! I step back and there it is again. I step side to side, it ripples on either edge, beside it something glints in the darkness like obsidian in moonlight. OOOOHHHHHH!!!! Wow! Across from the kitchen window is our Red Shed. Its roof of this shed is the cap off my Little Red Truck (long gone to the crusher). There is a slightly open side window facing the kitchen. It is at just the right angle to catch and reflect the full moon hanging just above the trees, out of sight from all the other windows. But here in the kitchen, looking in the opposite direction I can see a perfectly reflected image of this cold, aloof, shining orb of stark beauty.


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